A signpost page for men to gain information, attend social events, join in with LIVE Facebook chats, advice, email chat, Whatsapp group and 1-1 support.

The main drive to launching Malesallowed was in response to being keenly aware for the need to ‘Reach out’ to men needing support, help and sometimes just a friendly voice to talk to. Nationally there were 5,821 suicides registered in the UK in 2017, 75% of those were males. Suicide is the most common cause of death for men in the age groups 20-49. “there are too many male suicides and it shouldn’t happen. We have ‘Reached out’ to 84 men who came forward to malesallowed since the page/group has been running.

Triggers for mental health issues in men are stress at work, relationships, finances and gambling addictions. When the issues are cause for concern, then Malesallowed reach out and point them in the direction of statutory organisations, usually to get in touch with the Samaritans. We also give them details about the mental health options and point out there is a waiting list for these services. Maleallowed advise and support by reaching out and be a listening ear.

Maleallowed is working with local businesses such as Plymouth ArgyleFootball Club, Plymouth City College, Libraries and various secondary schools. We have given presentations and awareness talks at each of these.

There is a lack of support generally for men, which is why what Maleallowed are doing is so important. We feel so passionate about reaching out to as many men as we can. Our first support group was the 1st August, which was a quiz night at a social club in Plympton and eight men came along who had never met before. Is is so important for us to reach as many men as possible in this way as well as the page/group as men are not the best at talking about how they feel. To see them responding and talking makes it all worthwhile and only spurs us on to let men know we are around and let them know we want to ‘Reach Out’ to as many as possible.

Malesallowed was launched on Facebook on the 30th July 2018, with a separate ‘Closed’ group for men to share their feelings on any content shared on the main Facebook page. We had 930 followers within 5 months and more than 120 members in the Closed group. Malesallowed would like the funding to be used to help fund our own ‘Hub’, hosting educational events, and awareness campaigns in the community.

The group has become more than a ‘virtual’ meeting place , with other regular events such as Walks-and-talks to Burrator, group meets and 1-1 chats. At the time of writing this, a breakfast club is about to be launched at Bitesize Café in Albert Road, Devonport.

Malesallowed hosts live chats on the Facebook page each Wednesday and Sunday evening, which is reaching hundreds of people, many of them watching the discussion afterwards. Over 1,000 watched one live chat recently and the page has reached 35,000 people already in some capacity, such as information posts, event invitations, messages, blogs. We also do not want to restyrict

ourselves to Reaching Out to the South West but anywhere somebody sees us and wants to talk to someone. If we only reach out to one extra person, it will be worthwhile.

As I am writing to you, we are In need of funding now as we are very much in demand and ever growing as we are desperately needed in Plymouth and the South West. There have been a high rise of suicides with men in particular in the last 2 years. Malesallowed are saving lives and we have already helped people at crisis point.

Malesallowed have also been asked to do even more workshops in two primary/secondary schools and now City of Plymouth College this year (which we given a give a on 9th October 2018). Our aim is to attend and support organisations to promote mental health awareness and for the children/students to be educated and have the much needed awareness.

Plymouth Magazine and Plymouth Herald Newspaper have also supported Malesallowed and have published stories and awareness campaigns we are achieving.