Paul Thompson





Here is a short bio about me.

Name: Paul Thompson

Full time employed & proud father


Football, Gym, Movies, campaigning, cooking, being a cheeky sod and making people smile

Last book I read/listened too:

Matthew Syed – You Are Awesome: Find Your Confidence and Dare to be Brilliant at (Almost) Anything

Music or Band:

80’s Soul including Luther Vandross, Oasis, UK Garage, Funky House.

Favourite Movie:

Anything Denzel, Gladiator, Batmans, Shawshank, Wizard of Oz (Yes really), Shooter, Takens, Star Wars of course.

About me section:

I have attached for you my personal blog via a link below for you to gain an insight (if you wish) and an understanding of myself and why I started up Malesallowed and campaigning in Plymouth.

My personal blog

That’s me in a brief synopsis brothers.


Mo Kingshott





Mo here.

Here is a short bio about me

Name: Mo Kingshott

Full time employed

Hobbies: Football, Gym, Movies, Painting & Drawing, Cooking,Gaming.

Training & qualifications: qualified chef, extensive first aid training inc, Midazolam epilepsy specialist training, there’s more but I wont go on meant to be a short bio lol.

Music or Band: huge fan of Muse but I love almost any type of music as music for me is how it makes you feel, from a decent beat to words with meaning.

Favourite Movie: I’m a huge superman fan but love all the others like batman etc, all time favourites would be Man on Fire or Shooter.

Please find attached my personal story and thank you for listening hope I didn’t bore you too much haha.

Simon Hancock





 Full time employed 

Hobbies: Football. Reading books Taking care of tropical fish 

Last book read: Untethered soul by Michael Singer

Favourite music / Genres: James Arthur Rock Indie 

Favourite Movie: Hacksaw Ridge 

About me: I am a 31 year old man that is in recovery from mental illness and drug addiction. 

For 10 years of my life from the age of 18 I used drugs whilst having everything life could offer, 

to escape from the reality, and to numb the torturing thoughts my mind would conjure up. 

Looking back my mind had always been warped from an early age, which made me very confused 

and baffled by my illness. 

My situation today is different.

 I have found a way out, and a solution which is only contingent on the tools I have been shown,

 and the actions I put in today. Today I enjoy life. I can be a father, husband, son, brother and 

live life on life’s terms. If you can relate to me or any one of the other guys on this website, 

please find the courage within you to reach out. 

On your own you might not be able to solve your problems, but together we can.

Alex Cottis




Job: EDS Engineer, Leoni Wiring Systems U.K. based at Bentley Motors U.K.
Hobbies: cycling, mechanics, studying for my Masters Degree in Automotive Engineering
Last Book I read: The Secret Barrister
Music: endless.
Favourite film: Disney’s Cars

Hi I am Alex. I am the silent admin member of Males Allowed! 

For as long as I can remember,I have made myself busy- I currently work full time, 

am a part time student about to gain my Masters Degree in Automotive Engineering, 

I am also completing my Chartered Management and am organising my wedding which is in December! For me, this is a coping mechanism for stress and anxiety. 

What you probably don’t know about me is that I live in Stoke on Trent 

(after living in Cornwall for 25 years I decided to go back to education and change my life!) University was a blast, I made many life long friends but no sooner did it start,

 it was over & everyone dispersed. Living so far away from friends & family 

& with my partner having secured a job in Stoke, we stayed but it wasn’t long until loneliness slipped in and I was struggling to secure a full time job in my field.

 It was a difficult time- I was failing, lonely, trapped almost and I began struggling to manage this.

It took a while but things started to turn around. I found sitting around waiting for things to happen wasn’t getting me anywhere so I applied for my masters degree and took up a job in retail to tide me over which is when I found my current job. I then took on the task of working and completing a masters degree. Again, I found myself busy and I realised this is what makes me happy. Everyone has their way with dealing with things and for me it’s being busy!

 Shaun McNamara



Full time employed, proud father to my beautiful little princess and 2 doggos.

Hobbies: Attempting to surf, long walks with the dogs and of course spending time with my daughter.

Favourite music: I love a bit of EDM, Calvin Harris, Linkin Park, Oasis, OCS, Madness, Electric Swing Circus and The Zutons.

Favourite Films: Eight Below, Ace Ventura: when nature calls, Usual Suspects and all the Marvel films.

About Me: Little snippet about me then, former Royal Marines Commando, former Maritime Security Team Leader, former support worker at a drug and alcohol detox and rehab centre and now a HCA with the NHS and working in Mental Health on an acute psychiatric ward in Cornwall.
I have suffered and still do suffer with depression and anxiety which has presented itself in many ways over the years. I’ve been to some really dark places within myself, wanting to harm and kill myself but managed to bring myself back out of those dark places and I now want to help others realise that they’re not alone.